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In innovative endeavors, steady apply and improvement is critical to development, specially if you’re looking for quick growth.


The late Robert Genn of The Painter’s Keys after wrote, “We’re all common with the challenges related with Sunday Painters. Cranking up the old equipment as soon as a 7 days may possibly be alright in the classic auto pastime–but it is bad information in the creativeness sport. The continual worker who applies his craft daily is extra possible to make imaginative gains than an intermittent one particular.” 

If this “law” of creative imagination weren’t legitimate we could all just recline by the pool for four times a week and go to function on Friday and entire our tasks with a great blast of efficiency. But existence doesn’t work that way and trying to do the job towards the normal regulation of creativeness would make as a great deal sense as passing a resolution to skip winter season. Even though we’re at it, why do not we just make existence much easier for all those scientists and just spherical off pi to the up coming whole variety?

Regretably, working towards our craft day by day can be very a obstacle. Real existence intervenes for so several of us.  I believe, for those who are critical about creating strides in their art (which likely consists of everybody studying this e-newsletter), the old adage is genuine, “Practice will make fantastic.” The superior information is that a little little bit of follow will go a long way.  If you might be at the moment a weekend warrior, uncover techniques to hone your craft at least a very little bit during the 7 days.  Perhaps it is just a sketch pad throughout your lunch hour…possibly just a 30 minute analyze.  Creativity begets a lot more creativeness so it truly is critical to increase the quantity of times your head receives in the “zone.”

In portray, practical experience can be seemed upon as a functionality of the range of paintings an artist has produced.  In result, the a lot more paintings you’ve accomplished, the much more experienced you are.  Quality is born from quantity.  


In the reserve, Art and Anxiety, Ted Orland relates the following tale:



The ceramics trainer announced on opening working day that he was dividing the course into two teams. All those on the left aspect of the studio, he stated, would be graded only on the amount of do the job they generated, all all those on the suitable solely on its high-quality. His method was simple: on the ultimate day of course he would provide in his lavatory scales and weigh the do the job of the “quantity” team: fifty pound of pots rated an “A”, forty pounds a “B”, and so on. Individuals currently being graded on “high quality”, nonetheless, essential to produce only 1 pot – albeit a ideal just one – to get an “A”.




Properly, arrived grading time and a curious point emerged: the works of optimum excellent were being all developed by the team currently being graded for amount. It seems that though the “amount” team was busily churning out piles of perform – and learning from their faults – the “quality” group experienced sat theorizing about perfection, and in the finish had minor more to clearly show for their efforts than grandiose theories and a pile of lifeless clay.




A way to achieve amount, even though performing all over time constraints, is to work small.  Kevin Macpherson endorses doing work little as a way to obtain knowledge swiftly.  In his e-book, Fill Your Oil Paintings with Mild and Colorhe wrote “When you step up to a modest canvas to try out anything new every single day alternatively than functioning and transforming a significant portray for months, you see progress. You discover to master strategies this kind of as brushwork and texture, which boosts your self-confidence. Portray on a modest scale also forces you to overlook inconsequential specifics and search for greater styles, broader shade associations and total composition. It gives you the ability to look at a scene as a total.”  He suggests committing to paint 100 modest paintings as a signifies to immediate progress. 


When you get in the innovative “zone” additional generally, you reinforce the neural pathways that make it possible for you to be inventive, therefore producing it much easier to be even Additional artistic.  It’s sort of like developing a pattern to be innovative. 

Nietzsche identified two diverse types of information. On the a single hand you have the issues you know from particular ordeals and from personal observation, which he identified as “erfahrung.”  There are also the abstractions you believe you know – the types of points that you examine about in art textbooks and from viewing the operates of many others – which he identified as “wissen.”

Although wissen teaches us thoughts in the intellectual realm, practical experience primarily based knowledge erfahrung catapults us up the growth curve so much a lot quicker.  Trying to turn out to be a better painter through wissen alone would be like paying your Sunday viewing home improvement television alternatively of just fixing that leaking faucet.

Now that I’ve specified you a little bit of wissen on the subject, get out there and get some erfahrung!  



Clint Watson
BoldBrush/FASO Founder, Art Fanatic


PS – “No one particular can draw far more out of items, textbooks included, than he presently is familiar with. A gentleman has no ears for that to which practical experience has presented him no obtain.” (Friedrich Nietzsche)


PPS – Kevin Macpherson took the suggestion in his e-book to dedicate to 100 small paintings even additional for himself.  He committed to paint the pond near his dwelling 365 times.  Once for just about every day of the year.  The photograph with this article is Kevin painting his beloved pond.  You can understand more about the Reflections on a Pond project and see the paintings at




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