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Born in 1965, Carol Long was lifted on a farm in Stafford County, Kansas. She draws influence from plant and animal everyday living. With joy, whimsy and natural beauty as her purpose, her work continues to evolve as she experiments with new strategies of expressing these characteristics of her surroundings. She enjoys learning from other present-day artists when maintaining an eye on historic ceramics.


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How do you know when it is time to use?

Oh, that is a excellent dilemma. Perfectly, my fingers ended up providing out so I wanted to address that and also I felt like I was good enough that I could guidance yet another family if we worked tricky. So not only do I have to make revenue but you have to make ample income to help them also.

How does the productiveness go up when you carry other individuals into the studio?

It goes up a lot more than…it’s like the pieces are a lot more as a whole than as they are as men and women. So with individuals possessing their personal jobs they find out strategies to make that much more productive. Whereas me as a one human being in the studio, I have to do anything and I have to determine out how to do anything and so I am regularly flipping back again and forth. Whilst if you have a task you are liable for you have that far more streamlined.

You claimed that you observed extra area for creativeness.


Convey to us about that. 

I experienced a lot a lot more time for the reason that the wearisome points that didn’t take any considered. Well, they all consider considered. You are not necessary to make choices when you are doing the glazing. The glazing is really a lot decided with the surface area style and design when it’s moist. So when it goes to Ava and she has to glaze it, those conclusions are designed. She does not have to make these inventive conclusions. So with these cumbersome careers included I am undertaking all the artistic operate, more than and over and more than so when you get into that circulation of becoming innovative it just brings on additional creativeness and it just explodes.

The staff that you have brought in, how do you provide their creativeness to the forefront or is that essential?

Properly I did want Mark and Bambi as youthful individuals coming out of college, a person of my ambitions was that they would increase. And so Linda, their instructor was incredibly life oriented. When they remaining her office they would be in a position to perform as an artist. Effectively I wanted to help them in my studio to do that exact same factor. So any enter that they experienced, and they were being fairly energetic men and women, was appreciated. I liked their input. And they were being also doing the job on their have function.

What can make a superior performing ecosystem? What did you do to make it perform?

I consider you should really pray. Mark and Bambi were remarkable in my studio. I think they were the personality as significantly as the joy….let us back up. Let’s say pleasure. That is what would make a good studio ecosystem. And that’s what they introduced. They have been exciting and they were joyful and I fed off that.

How do you compensate your staff? Is it hourly? Is it piecework? Is it percentages? How do you go about that approach?

Hourly. Mark and Bambi were being hourly but I tried to make certain that their do the job encounter was a fantastic one particular. When we would travel…they experienced to do all the perform when we traveled but I built absolutely sure they they had every thing that they desired and every little thing that they desired when they traveled so it was a fantastic practical experience.


The Comprehensive Sample Listing by Elizabeth Wilhide 

Interaction of Coloration by Josef Albers

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