Iryna Maksymova - SHE WILL WIN

Taken from our FIGHTERS Difficulty. Art is supposed to be particular – to the viewer and the artist. Iryna Maksymova’s perform accomplishes that in a stunning way. The Ukrainian artist’s storyline, colors and characters appear easy but replicate the deepest elements of her internal feelings.

Just about every piece is a voice, a manifesto and a connect with to action. The female silhouettes, which are present in many of her artworks, are a strong image with their male and feminine properties. The animals she paints are given a voice they really don’t usually have. Her function is a statement for Feminism and ecology and in opposition to sexism and any cruelty to individuals or animals. Some may say that these themes have normally been on everyone’s lips, but why ought to you continue to be silent? Maksymova’s apply has the power to affect people today and to make them replicate not only on the visible part but also on the notion and idea that might inspire them to modify and be adjusted. As opposed to lots of other artists, she doesn’t think in resourceful processes or motivation.

She believes in difficult get the job done and not waiting around for factors to tumble into your lap. “Hard and continual operate will bring knowledge, self-assurance, options, additional tips and even much more function,” she claims.

Do not pass up Iryna’s solo show “she will win” at Circle Society Gallery Berlin Gipsstraße 11, 10119 Berlin, Germany. Till November 4th 2022

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Comply with Iryna // www.maksymova.artwork