Carol Long | Episode 895

Packing Pots | Carol Long | Episode 895

This episode is a little different from anything that we have done before. Carol Long makes a lot of work, sells a lot of work, and therefore ships a lot of work. When Carol and I were finished recording her episode (episode 894), we continued our conversation. The focus of our conversation was her shipping work practices. Because her work has so many breakable parts, she has had to be very conscientious with her packing methods. So we hit the record button again and talked packing.

The butterfly platter is heavy but the handles are fragile.   Stiff buffers are in places that are not handles to hold it away from the edges of the box.  Soft padding is stuffed around the handles.  Then double boxed.  20″x 20″x 12″ box. Cost $100ish to go to CT.  Too much $!

I should have taken it all apart and reboxed smaller.  Vowed to do better next time.


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The dragonfly platter was oriented in the box to relieve pressure on 2 handles but would require a bigger box to accommodate the 3rd handle. No!

-cut out side of box for 3rd handle.  Now it has to be taken care of in the 2nd box.  I wouldn’t suggest degrading the structural integrity of the box, but it worked for this one.

-cut out space in stiff foam for 3rd handle.  The foam has to be secured so it doesn’t move.

 -voids filled.

-clear packing tape on interior box. It’s easy to use and doesn’t need much.

-new boxes Uline

-foam is recycled.

-black bubble wrap around the pot is not recycled.  It’s soft and easier to pop so it needs a few layers just in case. Uline

-blue bubble wrap is recycled. Very stiff.  Not good next to the pot. Great for in between boxes.

fiber packing is Uline.  I’m trying to find better packing materials.  It’s heavy and sends fiber into the air.  I like it but my fav is still bubble wrap.

-sealed with preprinted reinforced paper tape. Uline

-4″x 6″ label printed directly from what the customer has provided on the website. bluetooth

-$40ish to Georgia

-much better

The tall deer vase has handles that extend along the sides.  The pot is heavy so the handles need to be protected from impact.

A piece of styrofoam inside the pot that extends to the side of the box. That keeps the top of the pot away from the box.  That is secured with other styrofoam to keep it from moving side to side.

The base is secured from moving side to side.

All voids are filled to prevent shifting.

Since the pot is so heavy it is double boxed with a few inches all around.

Voids filled.


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