Ask a Gallery Owner | Should Artists Brag About Their Sales?

I obtained the next question from a reader in Calgary:

I have a burning concern for you. I have talked about it with other artist buddies, but I would like to listen to your opinion on this if you have the time.

Is it prudent for an artist to boast about a sold portray on social media?

It makes me unquestionably mad to see artists submit, in higher case, bold letters, flourished with various exclamation marks, Sold!!

…Face Palm! ARGH!

Is this remotely useful for one’s future gross sales?
Is this blatant bragging?
Is this amateurish?

I hardly ever write-up Sold on my social media, allow by itself a tiny point out of the sale.

My assumed is, developing and gross sales are what we are intended to do, and it screams novice to me. Am I off base in this article?

Do realtors ‘brag’ about the final dwelling they sold? Do employed vehicle salesmen? How about a plastic surgeon…SOLD!! one more pair of triple D’s!!



My Response:

Hi Michelle – it’s good to hear from you, and I’m happy you arrived at out with this query. I do understand what you are declaring – that it feels braggadocious to share profits online or by social media. I would essentially argue that it absolutely is a excellent idea to put up sales in this way. Putting up sold do the job can build buzz all-around your function with your followers – they will usually congratulate you on the sale and truly feel genuinely thrilled for you. That is all great vitality and vibes heading your way. Extra importantly, even so, when your past consumers see that some others are purchasing your work, it assists them come to feel validated in their determination to have purchased your function. For individuals who have not however acquired from you, it aids go them nearer to a buy conclusion when they see that other discerning prospective buyers are purchasing your work.

I especially like viewing posts in which we get to see the artwork in its new home, and potentially a photograph of the artist and consumers.

Gross sales really should be celebrated!

I know it feels like you are tooting your possess horn to write-up income, but if you never toot that horn, no a single will!

Certainly you would want to be cautious not to overdo it, or to reveal individual data about the buyers, but as extended as you are very careful with that, I would inspire you to go for it! I believe you’ll discover that your followers will really like to see what is heading on with your product sales.

P.S. just for exciting I’m which includes a page from a local newspaper with a realtor’s ad where by we see an illustration of just what you mentioned – the realtors listing 10 latest properties that they’ve offered.

Michelle replied:

Thanks so a great deal for this comments. You highlight very good factors. I will attempt it…it just won’t be double Daring or UNDERLINE!!! “in your face” kind of write-up. A subject of actuality, not fluffy, not bragging , just informational.

What do you consider – is it a fantastic concept for an artist to publicize recently marketed artwork? How do you allow your followers know about these product sales? Have you noticed other artists go as well significantly in bragging about their sales? Share your thoughts in the remarks beneath.

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