Vote Tuesday – Democracy is in the Balance

Wake up!

This isn’t about inflation or “sleepy Joe.” It’s about fascism; it’s about the end of our democratic system, already weakened. Their plan is to tie up the election process; they are planting people who will sow more and more doubt until we give up and finally just give in to their “victory” nightmare. All because there just aren’t quite enough sycophants to win legitimately. Call it the big steal, the big cheat but it’s all a big lie! Don’t fall for the conman. Only the truth will set us free. And the truth is we need all hands-on deck. We can still pull this off.

The goal of the “alt right” is to maintain white male dominance and enrich the 1%, at the expense of other groups like woman, people of color, immigrants, LGBTQ and others. They wish only to dominate, to protect what they perceive as their inevitable fall from power. They have no agenda beyond this abhorrent disenfranchisement of the population to maintain control. This is what is masquerading as an ideology. They have none. Just fear and hate. Hence, fascism.

There is a disturbing cynicism that is part of the fabric of American politics. It is born out of a laziness that comes from a sense of entitlement. We were born into a democracy and a land of abundance. We were lucky. We didn’t earn it. Many don’t realize the gift they’ve been given. They take it for granted. Or worse, they feel entitled to it.

So, we’re a bit lazy when it comes to doing the inner work of freedom, which is hard work. But it is not a necessity to survive in America; we can get by without doing it. We’re so focused on attaining the American Dream or working three jobs just to stay afloat, that we fail to do the real work of being human.

So instead, people accept their pain-body and gladly impose and project it on to others because they can’t be bothered to awaken to another way. Believe it or not, life doesn’t have to be a Jerry Springer show, filled with conflict and misery. Peace is possible. But it takes work and has to be a priority.

When I visited Haiti, I remember the children of the Bread of Life orphanage. They had nothing in terms of material wealth. But the harsh necessity dictated that they develop an inner peace, a gentle sweetness that I’ve never encountered here. For them, inner peace is a matter of survival in the cruel existence fate has dealt them.

To those in America who believe the world is full of greedy, mean, hateful people: perhaps you are projecting your own greed, meanness and hate onto them. The truth is ALL people want peace and to be surrounded in love. That isn’t naive. That’s just human nature. We are all on a journey, some more intentionally than others, towards the light. That most people can’t be bothered to do the work to find that peace, that inner center, is profoundly sad. But those who choose not to do this work have no right to blame and impute others for their own laziness.

There is a Difference

For those who believe politicians of both parties are duplicitous and corrupt, I’d like you to consider the difference between a person of good character, acting on good faith, making an occasional bad judgment or decision versus another who is utterly corrupt and can be counted on to lie and make decisions that serve only his bottomless greed and ambition without regard to how his actions might impact others. There is a chasm of difference between the well-intended error and the morally bereft agenda.

We have at least three SC justices who lied (correction: misrepresented themselves) under oath regarding their views on Roe v Wade. And until Trump decides to release his taxes and testify under oath in answer to the significant crimes associated with his clearly demonstrated instigation of the January 6th insurrection, I will remain convinced he is covering up a dark truth to which our country is entitled to know. It is clear he intended to overturn the election by use of force. The insurrection continues with the perpetuation of the big lie. Several of his handpicked candidates for Secretary of State and other key offices will likely win elections next week. There are already plans for court challenges in those contests they don’t win. How we play the game matters. And winning at any cost is not consistent with the democratic process. Making it more difficult for people to vote is not consistent with democratic values. Voter suppression laws and tactics are undermining our delicate democracy. Anyone exposed to the facts must vote for the country they want us to be. Once we lose our democratic system, it will be very difficult to get it back. Democracy itself is on the ballot this Tuesday. No one can afford to sit this one out.

Let’s put it all in perspective

Biden’s hands have been tied from the get-go because even though he technically had both houses, it was too slim a margin to accomplish what was needed to fix what needed fixing, which has made Democrats vulnerable. So now if we lose both houses our agenda and potential progress will be dashed. Even worse, we will be overrun with anti-democracy legislation and policies clipping the tether holding it together, plunging us into a modern fascist state, aka Handmaid’s Tale. Overturning Roe is just the beginning, believe me. They want to reach in and control every aspect of our lives, crippling the middle class with cuts to Medicaid and more tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy. They want us hobbled, so they can control us. We cannot let this happen. Vote like your future and your children’s future literally depends on it. Research the ticket, up and down. School board members matter. The right-wing coop is organized; they have been preparing for this moment for decades. Tuesday is D Day (democracy).


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