TTE Season 2 is now Streaming! WATCH 2023 Destinations Japan & Bhutan Episodes Free!

I’m pleased to announce that Travels to the Edge Season 2 is now out there for streaming on my Vimeo On-Desire channel – just in time, as DVDs are acquiring harder and tougher to find. Test out enthusiast-beloved episodes on Mongolia, Iceland, Australia and a great deal more! To rejoice future 2023 intercontinental workshops, I’m giving up two comprehensive episodes to observe totally totally free! Just signal up for my e-mail checklist – don’t worry, I despise spam also!

Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge Season 2 Episode 1 – Japan: Hokkaido & Honshu

The Picture numerous of us have of Japan is congested and kinetic. But Japan has a wild aspect. In winter, past its crowded metropolitan areas, the country provides silent, unforeseen pure natural beauty. In the next season opener, Art Wolfe ventures north to the remote area of Hokkaido to check out iconic pink-crested cranes south to the mountains to movie the mischievous macaque snow monkey and journeys on to the sacred temples of Mt. Fuji and Koyosan on a photographic pilgrimage.

Artwork Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge Time 2 Episode 10 – The Kingdom of Bhutan

Acknowledged as the “Land of the Thunder Dragon”, Bhutan has survived in isolation for extra than a thousand yrs. As this enlightened Buddhist kingdom greets the 21st century, its biggest obstacle is to maintain its soul. In episode ten, Artwork Wolfe finds a photographer’s nirvana of mountainside monasteries, sacred festivals and chanting monks in an environmentally and spiritually progressive country.

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