Sketching and Drawing Online Workshop

Brandon Schaefer’s Sketching and Drawing Workshop is now open and it can be completely Free to enjoy and draw alongside! Brandon is a California-based artist.  He’s often relished drawing during his daily life and learned painting inside the very last couple of many years.  He shares his knowledge and adventures on YouTube and is doing work to flip this enthusiasm into a total-time profession.  Positivity and adore for mother nature are what he expresses by his work and video clips.  He’s training us his most effective drawing and sketching suggestions in this four-video clip collection.

In this workshop, you’ll learn the planet of sketching and drawing the basis of developing any kind of art.  Together we will learn the fundamentals, which will assistance you improve in confidence though deepening your know-how and knowing of sketching & drawing.  Brandon will educate you about values, shading, and how to create a lot more practical drawings.

You can view the video clip classes below.  The source list is readily available on the workshop site so you can get all of the resources necessary to comply with alongside.

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As the foundation of your artwork, paper is the all-natural place to begin and plays a huge purpose in the success of your artwork. Normally opt for a excellent paper that will allow numerous layers and remodeling. In this workshop sequence we will be doing the job with the pursuing papers:

Pencils and Components

  • Lyra Graduate Graphite Pencil – Established of 12 – L1171120

  • Lyra Sandpaper Block – L2091507

  • Lyra Rembrandt White Pastel Pencil – L2052001

  • Lyra Kneadable Eraser – L2091467


► Lesson 1: Components, Applying the Supplies, and Basic Lines and Shapes

Draw alongside as Brandon teaches all about the materials you will want to start out sketching and drawing in your sketchbook.

► Lesson 2: Blocking-in Methods and Simplifying Objects

Seize a sketchbook and get ready to discover a few distinctive methods for beginning a drawing.

► Lesson 3: Proportions, Measuring Approaches, and Values

In this lesson, we will find out all about proportions and how to generate more correct drawings.

► Lesson 4: Drawing a Simplified Portrait from a Portray

In the final lesson, we will put jointly all of the lessons from the earlier videos and build a remaining sketch or drawing.

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