Juxtapoz Magazine - Jordan Casteel's New Work Contemplates the Natural World and Human Nature

Concluded in 2022 amid the artist’s relocation to rural New York Point out, a new human body of work by Jordan Casteel at Casey Kaplan Gallery invests in the reciprocity involving painter and topic through a renewed tactic to community engagement and an more and more poignant vantage point of self-reflection.

The sensory influence of a landscape has the ability to connect or divide us, to notify our movements as a result of place and the manners in which we relate to our environment, and to just one a different. Casteel sources her topic make any difference from her personal pictures of the men and women of colour who share and condition an atmosphere, immediately informing her personal accessibility to the collective working experience.

In a departure from the comforts of an inbuilt local community, as portrayed in previous operates ranging from the sidewalks of Harlem to the classroom at Rutgers University-Newark, the changeover to a more secluded, sylvan landscape prompted a period of time of interior-contemplation that necessitated a new tactic. Casteel took to social media to initiate an on line discourse to link with and act as a connector for individuals of colour who resided in the spot. The resulting forum inspired dialogue and mutual engagement in switch, introducing the artist to Morgan, Damani and Shola, and Marisa, Isabel and Sage, who would afterwards develop into the topics of her paintings.

Morgan sits in a scene formed by a gestural outline of light. The solar shines by the leaves of trees established powering Casteel’s camera, casting a shadow of the lush pure environment like reflections in water. The sitter’s silhouette in opposition to the backdrop of her household emphasizes the subject’s physical occupation of space even though suggesting an inherent duality that exists within each individual composition—the subject’s personhood overlapped with the artist’s interpretation as a result of her possess sense of self, as found via the shadow of a secondary determine.

Inhabiting her new setting, engulfed in the normal ebb and stream of the seasons, Casteel contemplates the parallels that exist within the organic earth and human nature—ever-evolving, normally in movement. For the artist, the silent but unwavering changeover from winter season to spring in Magnolia signifies an intuitive appreciation for our capacity to mature, as one and en masse. Nonetheless-lifestyle compositions Daffodil and Subject Balm serve as self-portraits, referencing the bounty of the land Casteel gardens and the everyday uniform that is inseparable from that procedure.

Arguably her most individual operate to day, Woven portrays an intimate moment captured involving Casteel and her companion, David. A private exchange is personified in the subtle grasp of two fingers, a silent gesture of passion and encouragement. Special to her follow, Casteel assumes the role of subject matter to her very own voyeuristic observations.

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