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Kayoon Anderson is a figurative painter and Semi-finalist in the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Calendar year. In this article she contemplates the great importance of her sketchbook apply as a resource for acquiring concepts and seeking new tactics, although also pondering the evolving connection an artist can have to their sketchbooks.



Kayoon Anderson Will take Us As a result of Her Sketchbook Practice

To be trustworthy, keeping a sketchbook has normally felt like a bit of a chore. It is some thing I’ve been informed time and time again is essential to do, but I can by no means keep in mind to have a person with me.

Nonetheless, I’m at this time likely by way of a interval of portray-setting up (relatively than painting-accomplishing), and I’m realising that it can be quite useful immediately after all. My sketchbooks have turn into a house for me to visualise my ideas by way of line and take a look at my hand at diverse tips at the pre-painting phase.

My preparing approach can be damaged down into a number of levels:

  • Observing figures from existence, searching at photographic and inventive references
  • Screening a composition utilizing sketchbooks and photoshop
  • Working with photoshop to compile a final painting reference


Observing Figures From Lifetime

I paint figures, and sketching from everyday living can help grow my being familiar with of the human sort. Even if the stop aim is not to paint individuals naturalistically, I however want their bodies to be plausible. Sketching from lifestyle is usually fast, and the focus is on teaching myself to capture form correctly.



Searching at Other Artists Operate

I lately came throughout the do the job of the 20th century Korean painter Park Su-Geun and was entirely blown away by the simple rendering of sorts, their calming high-quality, and the total stability of the works. I needed to recognize how he obtained these emotions and felt the most direct way to research them was to sketch them.



Going As a result of Aged Pictures

I continue to keep albums of pics on my mobile phone, in folders this sort of as ‘painting inspo’, ‘interiors’, ‘colour inspo’ and ‘pattern’. Each now and then, anything comes up that I’d like to integrate into a painting, and the approach of sketching allows me get a really feel for it. These could be shots of men and women or spaces, but largely it is styles that I have come across. For illustration, I’ve been familiarising myself with the patterns in the doorways of regular Korean hanok structures. These days I’ve also been fascinated by the models of Korean bojagi – standard embroidered wrapping cloths created from a patchwork of scrap materials. Like the doorways of hanok houses, they are combinations of horizontals and verticals that make superbly harmonious designs. I’ve been tests out my individual bojagi patterns in a sketchbook.


All in all, the sketchbook is a area for me to lay out and enjoy about with all these little ideas in straightforward line, seeing what I gravitate toward most, and commence forming essential compositional drawings for paintings. Tracing paper is wonderful for this – I can attract a little something on the page, overlay pattern working with tracing paper, and experiment with the place the impression edges should be, all on different levels.



For the future stage of composition on the other hand, I use electronic equipment this sort of as Photoshop. I’ll scan drawings of figures and designs from the sketchbook and mix them alongside with flat styles drawn in Photoshop to create a far more complete composition. At the stop, I am left with ‘the image’ (at times also colored on Photoshop) on which my painting is centered. This approach is arguably the most crucial aspect of my painting preparation, transforming the early principles from my sketchbook into a useable reference picture for portray. It is a way to whittle down a lot of images from multiple sources till I arrive at ‘the image’ to paint with.


On occasion, I skip the whole sketchbook method and jump straight into Photoshop, digitally collaging images as a substitute. It is dependent on the demands of the remaining painting – often it requires a drawn-out sketchbook progress time period, and sometimes it comes jointly in fifty percent an hour on the computer and that’s that.


I have a several sketchbooks dotted about my studio and house. All are began but only one particular is finished. There is no chronology or logic to them – I’ll find just one that I started out decades in the past and continue on its internet pages. They also vary in glimpse – simple, lined, smaller or massive. Most of my sketchbooks have been acquired on holiday (most likely since I always overlook to consider a person with me when I vacation) and end up getting loaded in a extensive time just after. My existing sketchbooks are from Korea and Italy.


I attempt not to position as well significantly importance on them as objects… they are not polished issues but just a room to promptly visualise views that tell later on performs. When studying architecture, the procedure of sketching was taught as an necessary strategy of ideating and rapidly communicating. While I think the significance of sketching can be overstated, it no question has a diverse which means and importance to different artists.


Typically months go by with out sketching, but you just know that just one evening when you simply cannot slumber, an plan for a portray will spark in your head and you urgently have to get it on paper in advance of you neglect it. This occurred to me the other night so I’m now seeking to have a sketchbook at the completely ready at all moments.



For that very same purpose, I often have a mechanical pencil close by also. A mechanical pencil on easy paper has an immediacy and a cleanness to it which, in my mind, simply cannot be crushed. Additionally, you never ever want a pencil sharpener!



By means of the method of writing this, I’m realising that my sketchbook practice may perhaps be a lot more vital to me than I beforehand gave it credit rating for. Sketchbooks are generally the starting off points driving concluded paintings. They are a terrific location to iterate, and sometimes are unsuccessful, in the pursuit of new ideas. They are the head-maps in the track record that never (normally) get witnessed.


About Kayoon Anderson

Kayoon was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1997. She researched architecture at the University of Cambridge and portrait portray at Heatherley Faculty of Artwork. She now performs as a figurative painter in London and appears to be like to Korean artwork as influences in her follow.

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