Los Angeles-centered artist Shyama Golden describes oil painting as her to start with like. However she pursued a BFA in graphic design and style and invested a 10 years as a designer and illustrator, exhibiting her paintings only sporadically, Golden eventually dedicated total-time to her artwork follow in 2020. She now has a solo exhibition, “Incarnation,” on perspective at Friends Without a doubt Gallery in San Francisco from September 15th-October 1st. 

That includes Sri Lankan masked people dancers disguised as Yakkas (devils) who customarily accomplish in colorful and normally comedic exorcism rituals to remove unseen spirits causing bodily and mental conditions, Golden’s paintings depict the dancers in mundane American scenes, having element in several rituals though going about their life. These imagined realities reflect her motivation to join with pieces of her cultural heritage which are disappearing, and have a lot more relevance these days as vacationer spectacle than their meant objective as an occult therapeutic ritual. “They also act as manifestations of subconscious anxieties which observe me everywhere you go,” she suggests. Several of her latest paintings take inspiration from the semi-wild and hilly Mount Washington community in Los Angeles exactly where she lives.

See more from “Incarnation” down below!

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