8 reasons to love junk journals

Lots of makers like the notion of producing a junk journal (they’re a good deal of function), but they really don’t know exclusively why they want to make 1. I’ll include eight factors to appreciate about junk journals that emphasize how special these textbooks are.

It’s possible you’re common with all of them. And maybe, if you haven’t deemed all of these points, they’ll give you some suggestions or a renewed curiosity in doing work on junk journals.

To start with, let us immediately include what specifically is a junk journal.

A Junk Journal is a handmade e book of recycled and uncovered resources and ephemera. The webpages can be used to write, attract, paint or report memories, ideas, suggestions, and inspiration.

Components for a junk journal are usually found or recycled, so this provides us to the initial matter to really like about junk journals:

1 — Junk Journals are certainly exclusive pieces of e book art

Considering the fact that there’s these kinds of a enormous wide variety in all the aspects applied to make a junk journal, no two are particularly alike. Many of us have a selection of artwork materials, papers, individual ephemera, and other components, and even if we have very similar components, the final item every single of us produces is distinctive.

Talking of artwork materials, here’s the next matter to like about junk journals:

2 — Junk journals commonly have to have loads of elements

This indicates that you can actively engage in making use of up your artwork provides and ephemera.

You can go as a result of your stash of sample paper and corresponding coloration inks. You can distress paper for your pages or tea-dye or espresso-dye paper. Pull out other combined media products like paints and stencils. You can include embellishments like ribbons, material, or beads. Here’s an option to use up what you have obtained.

If you are using old or discovered objects, it’s the right time to appear through your catch-all drawers in your home in which you’ve stashed absent —whatever you’ve been stashing away— receipts, notes, random photos, motion picture ticket stubs, and use them in just your junk journals.

The 3rd point to enjoy about junk journals speaks specifically to what you can do with all your identified bits:

3 — You can apply upcycling creatively

Imagine of this as a skill. How do you arrange your components and uncovered bits in a satisfying way? That is the problem that you can decide on to get up when you are earning a junk journal.

Art journal pages

I’ll note that this is wherever plenty of individuals can get tripped up and overwhelmed. You can get apprehensive, “Well, I never know how to do this. I want it to seem beautiful and wonderful, but I’m scared that if I try out, I’m likely to detest it, and I’m likely to be so dissatisfied, and I’ll feel like a failure”.

Individuals are truthful fears. I unquestionably felt them when I was commencing out. If you find yourself in this position, you can remind by yourself of two things:

  1. What you develop is for on your own. You do not even require to show anybody if you really don’t want to, so you really don’t have to have to be self-conscious about what you make.

  2. When you are carried out making your very first junk journals, it’s achievable you are not likely to like what you make (not likely) but it is feasible. But the expertise you will have attained from the experience will enable so significantly in producing your following a single. You are going to know what you could have completed in a different way. Don’t forget that this “creative upcycling” is a skill, so that means you have to do the job at it.

If you’re a minimal overcome with all the choices and parts of developing a person, then think about my fourth motive to enjoy junk journals:

4 — You can “dress them up” as significantly or as minimal as you’d like

If you like active, chunky layers you can do that, or you can continue to keep them fairly straightforward. You can feel about what you want to emphasize. Maybe you want a whole lot of the attention on the protect, but want to continue to keep the internet pages basic.

cover with postage stamps
I produced this address with web pages from a stamp album

Keep in mind, you can usually go back and include a lot more matters above time. This is anything that I nevertheless do. Yrs later on, I nonetheless go back again and function on sure publications.

I want to converse about a thing here — the thought of time, and our approach to working on projects. We tend to have the expectation of building art in a very specific way and it goes a thing like this: You commence, you operate effectively just on that job till it’s completed, and then you transfer on the one thing else. The emphasis is on the stop products. You truly feel attained only when you have manufactured a little something accomplished.

There are 2 things to look at why this is not the great way to solution making.

  1. The journey is just as essential (even extra so) than the destination.

  2. If you are so centered on finishing and relocating on, you may possibly be closing oneself off from returning to it, which is some thing I individually get pleasure from accomplishing.

Upcoming, the fifth rationale to really like junk journals is:

5 — You can decide on a theme that speaks to you

Themes are good for the reason that they help you consider about the appear and truly feel of your creation. Some folks like to purchase printable kits that consist of pages and smaller decorative bits. These electronic kits are usually cheap, ranging from $2 to $4 on Etsy, and you can look for factors like a Christmas theme, Beatrix Potter, Jane Austen, a pirate concept, Wonderwoman, or whatsoever!

Some individuals never care to use printable papers and rather concentration on getting their individual paper sources. Really do not fail to remember that you can also choose to concentration on household themes and do a junk journal with photos and papers from a relative or another person vital to you. These are terrific ways to embellish junk journals.


6 — You can use it to retail store paper treasures

To start with of all, brainstorm with me examples of paper treasures. Postcards and images are paper treasures. What else? Currency. Postage stamps. Obtain a selection of paper treasures and then check out strategies you can tuck them into your junk journals. 

Two chunky journals stuffed with vintage papers
What kinds of paper treasures could you visualize seeing in right here?

The photo in this spread is very much altered from the tea and rust

The upcoming reason to love junk journals is a person of my favorites:

7 — You can switch them into gluebooks

This is my finest suggestion for what to do with a gluebook. We are likely to get hooked up to the junk journals we make. This sensation grows when you appreciate adding to the content material of the webpages.

A vintage 1930s black and white photo of some cars parked in a square in a European city.

The past rationale to appreciate junk journals is:

8 — Junk Journaling provides people alongside one another

It’s remarkable how social media has been a substantial contributor to the attractiveness of junk journals simply because it is what retains people today related with just one a different, even when they are on opposite coasts or in different countries.

Speaking of on the web artists, Barbara of 49 Dragonflies is another person who produces heaps of video clips about junk journaling. I am on her YouTube podcast of most requested junk journal questions, where the two of us will respond to queries men and women have about junk journaling. It will come out upcoming month in May possibly.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to see a video clip on my 8 causes to really like junk journals, you can see it here:


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